Simply Fruit Roll


Product Description:

  • Wildberry fruit rolls
  • More than 90% fruit juice and real fruit; good source of vitamin C
  • 1 serving of fruit – Based on the USDA’s MYPYRAMID (; USDA recommends most of your servings come from whole fruit)
  • Gluten free

Customer Reviews:

Delicious for kids and adults, December 10, 2012

First of all I loved the fact that each roll-up provides a serving of fruit. They taste delicious, they have a nice texture, just soft enough and the rolls are smaller in length than those jumbo rolls that go on forever.

Kids love them!, August 3, 2012

All three of my kids love these. I have tried them as well and they don’t seem to have the syntetic taste that other brands have. IT really tastes like dried fruit.

Healthy easy to grab and eat snack, June 4, 2012

I love these, strawberry good too. I tried the fruit strips from Target, but they were SOOOPER GOOEY STICKY and it was thick and gelatiny, it just wasn’t very good in my opinion. These fruit roll ups are fantastic though, similar to the original fruit roll ups, but a little granier, and tears more easily. The taste is pretty amazing, but beware for those who are allergic to citrus, because it has lemon juice in it despite it being wildberry or strawberry. Overall I recommend it for those who need an easy snack and aren’t allergic to citrus or any other ingredients it contains.