Organic Valley – Lowfat Chocolate Milk


Product Description:

  • Aseptic single serve shelf stable
  • Organic lowfat chocolate milk
  • Made with organic lowfat (1%) milk

Customer Reviews:

The Perfect Post Workout Recovery Drink., September 25, 2012

Stationed in Afghanistan, I bought this as a recovery drink to have after workouts when I got tired of other recovery drinks. Just to mix it up a little. The shipping is fast, often getting to me in a matter of days. Being 8oz makes for a perfect portion. 24g carbs, 9g protein, make for a perfect ration after a good lift or run. The taste is amazing. I’ve ordered several times and will continue to do so.

Excellent product, coupled with convenience, December 7, 2012

I opt to purchase online because of convenience and price. It’s a 90-minute trip to a grocery store that carries this product at a higher price.
Open one up and heat it for instant chocolate milk; heat one up with instant organic coffee for a tasty morning drink.
Expiration date is typically three months to four months out from the date I receive the product, so that works for me. I like the convenience of “shopping” from my closet instead of trekking into town!