Larabar Coconut


Product Description:

  • The Original Fruit and Nut Food Bar: Yummy mix of unsweetened coconut, cashews, dates and almonds
  • 6 grams of fiber
  • No added sugar; 1 bar = 1/4 cup of fruit
  • Low sodium; gluten free; dairy free; soy free; non-GMO; vegan; kosher

Customer Reviews:

Nutritional information, July 29, 2006

These bars are one of my favorites. They are the lowest in calories of all the Larabars, too. The cherry pie bar contains just Dates, Almonds, and Unsweetened Cherries. Total calories = 190. Total fat = 9 gm. No sodium. Total carbs = 24g (4g fiber, 17g sugars)

A must for dieters, July 31, 2006

Read about Larabars in a diet book, and I went Larabars’ website. I got several boxes including a variety box. The Pecan Bars are out of this world, tasting amazingly like a pecan pie!
Also great was their cinnamon bun bars. They were very nice in processing and helping me with these orders…BUT
The GREAT NEWS is Amazon has these bars for $5-6 cheaper!
Order through Amazon!
I am using this product as a meal replacement sometimes, and it has been a great hit.