Glaceau Vitamin Water


Product Description:

  • Naturally sweetened

Customer Reviews:

I LOVE Squeezed!, October 26, 2011

I tried this product because it appeared to be the only enriched water product with a diet version that doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners. “Squeezed” flavor is AWESOME – it is tastier and closer to fresh lemonade than any other bottled beverage I’ve tried, diet or no. It outdoes Snapple, Fuze, Sobe Lifewater, etc. The day I bought a case from, the price was the best I could find anywhere by several dollars.

Good Stuff, October 8, 2011

Good price from Amazon and it arrived quickly. We’ve been buying those ridiculous variety packs that include the Acai Berry flavor that everyone in the house hates. We’ve been looking for a place that might sell the lemonade flavor by the case, but with no luck. Amazon filled the bill. We bought two cases for just over a buck-a-bottle. We like the Zero Water for our two year old son because it’s a “juice” he can take to bed without rotting his teeth. We love this stuff…