Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to the location to have healthy vending?

No, South Florida Healthy Vending will provide Free vending machines to your location and service them 3 times a week if needed. However Your location will have to qualify.

What does a location need in order to qualify for these machines and service?

If you are a school/ college or education center of any kind with over 100 students enrolled.

If you are a office or business of any kind you must have at least 60 employees or more that work there or have over 200 customers a day.

Can we try some samples before we decide to switch to your program?

Absolutely if your location qualifies we will hand deliver a sample box of our most popular snacks and drinks free for you to try and enjoy. We know you will love the samples!!

Click Here to see if you qualify.

Does SFHV pay out commissions to its locations?

Yes. If your location qualifies you will not only get free machines and service but you may also qualify to get the highest commission pay out. We at SFHV personally guarantee that your commission checks will match or be higher than your previous vendor. We have remote monitoring on our machines so we can track sales. We increase sales by adding credit card readers to our machines so if you are out of cash you can still purchase items!

What Kind of products will you put in the machines?

We work with our locations to provide the best tasting healthiest products available. we always put new exiting items as they become available so there is never any boring stagnant products. Click Here to see some of our products.

Are your Vending machines refrigerated?

Yes, we use refrigerated combo machines as well as light refrigeration for snack machines so your product will always be fresh and tasty. Click Here to see our machines