About South Florida Healthy Vending

South Florida Healthy Vending is one of the only locally owned and operated healthy vending companies in south Florida. We specialize in providing local businesses such as schools, offices, hospitals, healthier tastier options. We provide nationally recognized, “Name Brand” Healthy Snacks, Healthy Drinks, Smoothies, and fair trade coffee through the best vending machines on the market. Our aim is to customize the right kind of products for our locations. We here at SFHV are passionate about our health and we believe that healthy living is a journey with many levels. Our job is to provide you with a step in the right direction.

There is a conscious shift going on right now where people are awakening to the harsh reality that what you eat does matter. We are constantly striving to source the best variety of healthier options for our clients. South Florida Healthy Vending is here to help everyone make better choices, from kindergartens to doctors, we customize each machine to meet our client’s needs. Take a step in the right direction and callĀ us at 800-773-0431 for a free machine!!!